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" DC is a visionary thinker who has a seemingly innate understanding of how brands are woven into the lives of consumers. He is one of the best listeners I have ever worked with and he actively seeks the input of those around him."

-Chris Jones, Host Tech LowDown 

" Darryl is one of the most effective brand marketers in the U.S. I have had the privilege of working for him at two companies and experienced his creativity and leadership drive exponential growth on both brand Sprite and Boost Mobile. He has a gift for connecting with an audience and motivating them to follow his lead."

-Jeff Werderman, Concept 23

" I attended a workshop lead by Jeff Shirley that centered on training and equipping entrepreneurs with skills to help them be better suppliers... His dedication, organization and demeanor is outstanding. I would recommend Jeff as a trusted counselor!"

-Tom Shulte, Kickstart Cards

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