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Brands, Beats, & Bytes

Interesting people, insightful points of view and incredible stories on what’s popping and not popping in marketing, tech, and culture you can use to win immediately. Brands, Beats and Bytes boldly stands at the intersection of brand, tech and culture. DC and Larry are fascinated with stories and people behind some of the best marketing in the business. No matter how dope your product, if your marketing sucks your company may suck too. #dontsuck

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Because you are in marketing, you NEED to listen to this podcast, or you are an idiot!

Check out THE 5-star marketing podcast!

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Featured Episode

Album 3 Track 18 – Shannon Watkins, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer at Aflac, Co-Founder at The A Pledge

Brands, Beats, & Bytes | 12/9/2021 | 1h 12m

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REMIX: Album 4 Track 2 – True Wealth is Health & Knowledge w/Kevin Knight
Hey Brand Nerds! For Black History Month, we have committed to bringing you Black innovators and leaders in the marketing, brand, and...
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Album 4 Track 21 - Mastering the Language of Global Marketing w/Isha Williams
This week's guest is what DC refers to as a mold-maker and mold-breaker! Isha has made huge strides in the global marketing space and left an impact in every position she occupied. Bringing us all the jew-els and...
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REMIX: Album 3 Track 15 – Irma Shrivastava, CMO, Strategic Marketing and Business Executive, previously SVP, Marketing and Alliances with American Cancer Society and Vice President US Marketing, The McDonald's
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Album 4 Track 20 - The Mystic of Marketing & Music w/Terry Dry
Brand Nerds! Back at you with a guest who embodies brand and music in today's episode. Terry Dry started his career in the music industry, worked his

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