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Because you are in marketing, you NEED to listen to this podcast, or you are an idiot!

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Featured Episode

Album 3 Track 18 – Shannon Watkins, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer at Aflac, Co-Founder at The A Pledge

Brands, Beats, & Bytes | 12/9/2021 | 1h 12m

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REMIX: Album 4 Track 2 – True Wealth is Health & Knowledge w/Kevin Knight
Hey Brand Nerds! For Black History Month, we have committed to bringing you Black innovators and leaders in the marketing, brand, and...
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Album 4 Track 21 - Mastering the Language of Global Marketing w/Isha Williams
This week's guest is what DC refers to as a mold-maker and mold-breaker! Isha has made huge strides in the global marketing space and left an impact in every position she occupied. Bringing us all the jew-els and...
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REMIX: Album 3 Track 15 – Irma Shrivastava, CMO, Strategic Marketing and Business Executive, previously SVP, Marketing and Alliances with American Cancer Society and Vice President US Marketing, The McDonald's
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Album 4 Track 20 - The Mystic of Marketing & Music w/Terry Dry
Brand Nerds! Back at you with a guest who embodies brand and music in today's episode. Terry Dry started his career in the music industry, worked his

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